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Partnering with Flourish and Thrive Labs means your team will drive real change instead of just getting by.

Flourish and Thrive Labs is the consulting company empowering public health heroes to conquer unprecedented challenges.

Putting Out Fires Is No Longer Sustainable

The dreams that drew you to public health are buried under mounting emergencies, bureaucracy, and budget constraints. You know your community deserves more. With guidance from Flourish and Thrive Labs’ expert consultants, you’ll get unstuck – transforming stalled visions into meaningful change.

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We Understand Your Procurement Puzzle

Leading a public health organization, you’re often caught in the intricate web of procurement guidelines. We get it. We are a consulting firm built by public health leaders who have walked in your shoes and faced the same challenges. That’s why we’ve developed a suite of contracting vehicles tailored for leaders like you.

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We Help Leaders Like You Change The World

We know you entered public health to make a positive difference, but increasing complexity has blurred that vision. By collaborating with us, you can transform your organization to serve your community better and rediscover the change-driven leader within. Our human-centered solutions will reignite your passion so you can drive change that truly makes an impact.

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Embarking on the path of data modernization is an adventure best taken with a guide. Schedule your initial consultation to discover how our DM3 tool can provide you with a customized roadmap for your journey. Let's navigate the complexities of data modernization together! Choose a convenient time for you and let's get started!