By Juliana McMillan-Wilhoit

In the ever-evolving landscape of public health consulting, expertise is often proclaimed but not always proven. At Flourish & Thrive Labs, we don’t just claim the answers; we ground our solutions in comprehensive research, transformational consulting practices, and a genuine passion for public health.

Our dedication goes beyond traditional consulting. We blend a deep understanding of scientific rigor with transformative insights to navigate our clients’ challenges. As you read on, you’ll discover the pillars that define our approach and see why Flourish & Thrive Labs stands in a league of its own when it comes to reshaping the trajectory of public health.

Grounding in Scientific Rigor

At Flourish & Thrive Labs, our foundation is steeped in a commitment to scientific inquiry. This commitment manifests in various ways, shaping our approach and guaranteeing the robustness of our services.

The Research-Based Approach:

Our research-based philosophy guides every endeavor at Flourish & Thrive Labs. Our team, comprised of individuals boasting advanced degrees, is deeply invested in the scientific process. These aren’t just words; our affiliations reflect this commitment. With academic connections to esteemed institutions like Johns Hopkins University, Saint Louis University, and Rosalind Franklin University for Health Sciences, we bring academic precision to real-world challenges.

Whether we’re formulating a Human Resources policy or advising a client on virtual collaboration techniques, we look to published studies for guidance. This ensures our recommendations are grounded in evidence, in findings that have been rigorously vetted and tested. Our approach is not about making assumptions; it’s about informed decision-making backed by comprehensive studies.

For instance, while assisting a significant national professional organization in creating a new community of practice, our first action was to consult literature on best practices. The outcome? Exceptionally high engagement rates and a paradigm shift in how the organization perceived communities of practice.

Innovation through Experimentation:

“Let’s just try it” might sound adventurous for some, but it’s our motto. At Flourish & Thrive Labs, our mission extends beyond the status quo. We aim to redefine and disrupt traditional public health practices in the United States. To that end, we adopt an experimental ethos, consistently assessing our initiatives through after-action reports. This self-reflective approach ensures we identify what resonates and what needs revisiting.

This culture of constant experimentation is not just self-serving; it empowers our clients. By regularly refining our methods, we accumulate experience, translating into more informed consultations. Furthermore, our iterative approach to change—advocating for bite-sized, incremental shifts rather than overwhelming overhauls—facilitates client buy-in. We recognize that organizational change takes time. Our method reflects that understanding. By suggesting manageable steps, we assist clients in embedding technological advancements and cultural shifts seamlessly.

Capacity Building: The THRIVE Methodology

At Flourish & Thrive Labs, our mission revolves around our THRIVE methodology, especially the “Exit” (E) principle. We deeply believe in building capacities, both in organizations and individuals. By focusing on the exit, we ensure that every engagement empowers our clients to continue the journey independently, making them resilient and self-reliant.

Coaching Individuals to Excel

Our commitment to capacity building isn’t limited to organizational engagements. On a personal level, we’ve coached over 60 individuals, empowering them to take control of their careers. We ensure they’re equipped to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve their aspirations by providing the necessary tools and insights.

Beyond Automation: Empowering Adaptability

Take, for instance, our engagement with a northern Illinois city. Our goal wasn’t just to automate their special events permitting process but to instill adaptability. We worked closely with their team, ensuring they could update and adjust their workflows. By focusing on adaptability, we ensured that even as circumstances change, they remain equipped to handle them without external intervention.

In conclusion, our aim is not just to provide solutions but to instill the skills, confidence, and knowledge necessary for our clients to evolve, adapt, and flourish independently.

People-First Approach: Putting Humanity at the Heart of Innovation

In the age of digitization and automation, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s essential – people. At Flourish & Thrive Labs, we firmly believe that every transformative solution is rooted in understanding and valuing the person– their goals, needs, desires, and skills. Our ethos is straightforward: technological solutions are potent tools, but their true power is only harnessed when tailored to those who utilize them. This belief shapes our approach and ensures humanity remains central to all our strategies and solutions.

The THRIVE method guides our engagements and significantly emphasizes understanding individuals. This isn’t a mere step in the process but rather the foundation of it. When we engage with a client, we aim to comprehend the aspirations, challenges, and passions of every person involved. By aligning our solutions with these personal insights, we ensure effectiveness and a sense of ownership and commitment from those involved.

1:1 Engagements: Personalizing Consulting

In a testament to our commitment, we adopt a 1:1 engagement model during our consulting projects. Gathering teams for collective sessions might be simpler, but we’ve found immeasurable value in understanding individual perspectives. This approach allows us to tailor our solutions more effectively, foster trust, and ensure that every voice is heard and valued, no matter how soft.

Compensation and Team Structure: Reflecting Our Values Internally

Our internal operations echo our external commitments. The way we compensate our team and structure our roles isn’t about efficiency; it’s about fostering a nurturing environment where our team feels valued, leading to a motivated and passionate crew dedicated to our shared mission. We compensate our team in a manner

Focus on the people

Before diving into the technicalities of a project, we prioritize getting to know our clients personally. We see our clients first and foremost as individuals, each with their own stories, aspirations, and challenges. To foster genuine connections and understand the unique dimensions each person brings, we employ a tried-and-true ice-breaking process. This isn’t just a formality for us; it’s a cornerstone of our engagement strategy. By truly knowing the people we work with, we can tailor our solutions to resonate deeply, ensuring that our interventions are technically sound and human-centric. This personal touch, often overlooked in the fast-paced world of consulting, has been a defining characteristic of our success at Flourish & Thrive Labs.


At Flourish & Thrive Labs, our unique blend of scientific rigor, capacity-building dedication, and unwavering commitment to a people-first approach sets us apart in a sea of consulting entities. We don’t merely offer solutions; we dive deep into the heart of each organization and individual we collaborate with. By intertwining rigorous scientific methodologies with genuine human connection, we ensure that our solutions are not only cutting-edge but also deeply resonant and tailored to the unique nuances of each client’s needs.

But beyond the methodologies and the ethos, our true distinction lies in our partnership vision. We strive to be the consultants organizations remember for the transformative experiences we co-create rather than mere transactional engagements. We’ve designed our approach to ensure that every client benefits from our partnership and thrives long after our direct involvement concludes. This enduring legacy of empowerment, innovation, and deep connection underscores why Flourish & Thrive Labs is an unparalleled partner in your journey.

In an evolving world where the challenges faced by organizations become increasingly intricate, having a partner like Flourish & Thrive Labs — grounded in science, dedicated to building capacity, and profoundly connected to the human element — can make all the difference. We invite you to experience the Flourish & Thrive Labs difference firsthand.

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