Data Modernization Maturity Model (DM3)

A Tailored Approach for Public Health, By Public Health

Tailored to your health department’s needs, focusing on the trinity of people, processes, and technology to guide your data modernization journey.

Stop Feeling Lost in the Public Health Data Modernization Labyrinth

Data modernization for public health can feel like a daunting labyrinth. Every turn presents unique challenges – diverse data sources, evolving technologies, varying stakeholders – leaving you feeling lost and overwhelmed. You’re not alone. We recognize your struggle, and we see your determination. The desire to modernize exists, but without a clear path, progress is often stifled.

We’re here to say: We understand. We know the hurdles you face because we were there. As public health practitioners with years of experience in health departments, we have been in your shoes. That’s why we developed DM3 to help you navigate this maze

DM3 Is Your Blueprint for Data Transformation

Each step in DM3 is intricately designed to equip your health department with a holistic understanding of your current data state and a roadmap toward an enhanced future. The process is a balanced blend of in-depth evaluation, visual mapping, and tailored strategic recommendations. It’s a dynamic and adaptable approach that respects your department’s unique circumstances and aims, bringing a nuanced and bespoke action plan to your data modernization efforts. Through this journey, your health department is empowered to seize your data potential, enhancing your ability to serve the community with the power of data.


Kickstarting your data modernization journey, DM3’s interactive assessment delves deep into your current data ecosystem. Through open conversations with your team, we glean insights into your unique strengths, aspirations, and potential roadblocks, creating a solid foundation for your tailored modernization strategy.

Data Journeys & Mapping

Transitioning insights into a tangible form, DM3’s Data Journeys & Mapping process traces your data’s lifecycle, shedding light on the collectors, processors, and users involved. It exposes bottlenecks, vulnerabilities, and growth opportunities, offering a visual guide for strategic planning, clear communication, and progress measurement in alignment with your strategic goals.

Maturity Spectrum & Recommendations

Combining insights from the Assessment and Data Journeys, DM3’s places your health department on a nuanced maturity spectrum, reflecting the intricacies of data modernization. This placement, considering every facet of your data ecosystem, aids in highlighting strengths and improvement areas. Based on your positioning, we offer actionable, high-impact recommendations to align with your strategic goals, ensuring DM3 remains a beneficial guide throughout your data modernization journey.

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