By Juliana McMillan-Wilhoit

At Flourish and Thrive Labs, we’re not just a consulting firm; we’re an SBA-certified Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business and an Illinois Woman-Owned Small Business. Partnering with us not only brings expertise to your projects but also helps you meet your diversity goals. Our capabilities are designed to offer comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that prioritize people, community, and data-driven insights.

Here’s how we can help you build a better future:

Strategic Planning

We don’t just offer advice; we collaborate with you to craft strategic plans that resonate with your goals and values. Our approach empowers you to take control of your destiny, fostering intentional and sustainable growth.

Community-Based Research

Our participatory action research framework goes beyond data collection. We engage communities through interviews and collaboration, turning people-first insights into actionable strategies. We’ve successfully completed multiple Community Health Assessments and Community Needs Assessments, always sharing our findings back with the communities we serve.

System Development

We specialize in creating tailored tools across platforms like Esri, Microsoft, and Salesforce. Our solutions are more than just systems; they’re strategic assets aligned with your goals, ensuring a precise fit for your needs.

Geospatial Data Analysis

Our GIS-skilled team offers more than just maps. We provide comprehensive geospatial solutions that leverage diverse data sources and extensive analytical experience, offering insights that guide your strategic decisions.

Data Modernization for Public Health

We assess health departments to identify areas for enhancement, focusing on improving data collection, analysis, and reporting. Our approach fosters growth in public health initiatives, helping you adapt and serve your community effectively.

Data Processing & Analytics

Our seasoned data scientists transform raw data into actionable insights. We guide your data-driven decisions with advanced analytics tools, ensuring that your choices are informed by relevant, reliable data.

Change Management

Change is complex, but we make it manageable. We identify and coach key stakeholders to become change champions, fostering buy-in at every level and enabling you to navigate the complexities of change with confidence.


We integrate knowledge transfer into our work, building sustainable capacity within your organization. Our educators craft tailored learning plans, offering GIS training and customized educational experiences that equip your team for continued success.

We invite you to explore how our capabilities can serve your unique needs and help you achieve sustainable growth and meaningful impact. Partner with Flourish and Thrive Labs and experience the difference that a committed, diverse, and expert team can make.

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