By Juliana McMillan-Wilhoit

Grayslake, IL, November 17, 2023 — Flourish and Thrive Labs, a women and disabled-owned consulting firm guiding organizations through transformation, has attained two ArcGIS specialty designations from Esri, the global leader in location intelligence. These designations recognize Flourish and Thrive Labs’ proficiency with Esri technology and position the firm as a go-to partner for geospatial solutions.

For customers, the designations demonstrate Flourish and Thrive Labs’ capabilities leveraging the latest Esri technology to deliver cutting-edge solutions. As an ArcGIS System Ready Specialty partner, Flourish and Thrive Labs adopts new ArcGIS releases early. This enables the firm to implement innovative features faster, helping customers stay ahead. 

The Esri Federal Small Business Specialty also highlights Flourish and Thrive Labs’ expertise in assisting government agencies with GIS and the Esri platform. This opens opportunities for public sector clients to enhance decision-making through location intelligence.

Flourish and Thrive Labs is a consulting firm that guides organizations through transformation as a trusted partner. Their innovative THRIVE model assesses an organization’s maturity and customizes data-driven solutions for successful implementation. As former health and human services officials, Flourish and Thrive Labs understands serving local communities. They act as general contractors, managing each project while bringing in specialized experts. Flourish and Thrive Labs is passionate about utilizing data to foster healthier, more equitable communities and ready to pioneer emerging technologies alongside clients to enhance decision-making. Most importantly, they cultivate a learning culture so organizations can continually adapt and serve their communities effectively.

“We are honored to achieve these meaningful designations that demonstrate our team’s unmatched geospatial capabilities,” said Juliana McMillan-Wilhoit, President and COO, Flourish and Thrive Labs. “They reflect our commitment to leading clients through transformation with innovative solutions built on Esri’s cutting-edge ArcGIS platform. We look forward to continuing to help public sector organizations, especially in public health, solve complex challenges and serve their communities using the power of location intelligence.”

To attain the ArcGIS System Ready Specialty, Flourish and Thrive Labs demonstrated technical expertise and readiness to leverage Esri’s latest releases. For the Federal Small Business Specialty, the firm met requirements for supporting government usage of Esri technology.

Flourish and Thrive Labs offers specialized services spanning ArcGIS migration, implementation, data analytics, and solution development. Its mission-driven consultants collaborate with clients to guide impactful transformation using location intelligence.

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