By Juliana McMillan-Wilhoit

Nurturing Organizational Growth

Flourish & Thrive Labs believes consulting should empower clients for long-term success. Our motto, “Be the consultants clients are glad to have had but never need again,” encapsulates this sentiment. We focus on capacity building, emphasizing knowledge transfer and ensuring that clients can sustain progress without perpetual consulting dependence. We believe that each engagement offers a unique capacity-building opportunity through consulting.

Cultural Transformation Undergirds All Transformation

Any successful transformation, especially when it involves adopting new technology, needs to be underpinned by a shift in organizational culture. At Flourish & Thrive Labs, we know that lasting change comes from within. Through specialized training and employee empowerment, we help inculcate a culture that is receptive to change. Our approach recognizes the importance of human elements in driving organizational transformation. One of our offerings is coaching because we strongly believe in the power of investing in individuals.

THRIVE Methodology: Crafting the Exit Pathway

At F&T Labs, our THRIVE process includes six essential steps that guide our work with clients, from initial engagement to project completion. These steps are designed to lead your organization through a seamless business transformation:

  • Take Note
  • Huddle
  • Review
  • Implement
  • Verify
  • Exit

A cornerstone of the THRIVE methodology is the “Exit”. By building Exit strategies into our consulting methodology, we ensure that your organization is equipped to maintain momentum and continue flourishing after our engagement.

The THRIVE Consulting Methodology Graphic

Spotlight on Capacity Building

Flourish and Thrive Labs has completed over fifteen engagements. In all of our engagements, we believe there can be capacity building through consulting. And we place client empowerment at the forefront of our engagements. Here are some examples where Flourish & Thrive Labs excelled in capacity building and business transformation consulting:

  • Cemetery Mapping Firm: Provided specialized GIS training to help the client efficiently map cemeteries using ArcGIS. The training laid a solid foundation, and we remained available for a follow-up to ensure independent client operation.
  • Northern Illinois City: Developed a Microsoft Teams, Power Automate, and SharePoint tool to modernize the special events permitting process. We created a comprehensive guide and trained the city staff on implementation, empowering them to replicate the process in future projects. Our consulting team delivered extra training to ensure capacity building through consulting services, rather than continuing to depend on Flourish and Thrive Labs for additional services.
  • Urban Planning Firm: Co-developed an ArcGIS Web App Builder project with the client. We delivered custom training and developed in-depth documentation and videos, enabling the client to leverage ArcGIS Online for future projects independently.

Business Transformation Consulting: Laying the Groundwork for Future Success

Flourish & Thrive Labs’ commitment to capacity building is unwavering. Through our THRIVE methodology and a focus on cultural transformation, we lay the groundwork for your future success. Our consulting services are not just about meeting immediate goals; they are about building your internal capacity through consulting. With Flourish & Thrive Labs, you gain a partner who is committed to your long-term success. Our expertise in business transformation consulting ensures that the change is meaningful and sustainable.

Creating Legacies, Not Dependencies

At Flourish & Thrive Labs, we take pride in leaving a legacy of empowered, knowledgeable, and self-sufficient organizations. Our approach ensures your business is poised for ongoing success with the skills and tools needed to thrive. Through capacity building and an emphasis on cultural transformation, we create legacies, not dependencies.

Let Flourish & Thrive Labs be the consultants you are glad to have had but never need again.

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